Tutors at U3A
Session 1 - 2015

Life Members


Below are some profiles of our current tutors at U3A Adelaide. They come from a variety of backgrounds with experience gained from employment, life skills or academia.
No matter what their background, all of our tutors come with a love and knowledge of their subject area and a desire to share it with others - for which 'we others' are forever grateful.

If you know of anyone who has skills they would be willing to share, please get them to contact U3A.



Lynette Arden

My training:

BA (Hons in Geography 11A) from UNE 1964 included 3 years of English study. I have had work (mostly poetry) published in many magazines both in print and on line in Australia and overseas. I won the haiku competition run by Friendly St poets in 2008  http://friendlystreetpoets.org.au/?cat=6&paged=3

 I also have an Honours 11A degree in Graphic Design from Liverpool UK and have material displayed on line by the Liverpool Museum, where I am one of their 800 lives. http://www.eighthundredlives.org.uk/lives/lynettearden.aspx?JS=1

I belong to the Society of Women Writers and coordinate the SA Haiku Group.

I am a long term Volunteer at the Adelaide Zoo.

As far as the Philosophy Discussion group goes, my only qualification is first year Philosophy. as part of my UNE degree, and being of an enquiring disposition.

I run a couple of information blogs on the Internet dealing with environmental and wildlife issues. These may be found on my personal website and on the Community Links section of U3A. The blogs are reference blogs only to articles on line. I don’t always have time to keep these up to date.

I designed and run the website for  the Kensington& Norwood Writers’ Group. http://www.norwoodwriters.com/writers-pages/Lynette_Arden.html, along with the web site of the Kensington & Norwood Historical Society. http://www.kensingtonandnorwoodhistoricalsociety.com/

Writers Workshop Group
Philosophy Discussion Group
1 & 2  (with Ken Johns)

Seamus Baker 2015
Sources of Identity

Eastern Ways in Philosophy
Graham Bald 2015
Heritage Trees
Marisa Baldassi


Italian Continuing
Italian for Beginners
Evaristo Barrera


Maintenance (Hatha) Yoga 1 & 2 
Ann Beames
Murder at the Box Factory


Andrew Bear

 Andrew Bear is a graduate of Melbourne and Monash Universities and spent three years as a post graduate student at the University of Birmingham. His main career was as Senior Lecturer in English at Flinders University, but he also taught at Monash and Adelaide Universities  and at the then Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

 He has no qualifications in French and never, even in his wildest dreams, imagined himself as a teacher of French.

 By the end of his working career Andrew had gradually learned to speak what he called ‘good tourist French,’ and after retirement decided to make learning French properly a priority. In this he has been more successful than he expected, although he remains realistically modest about his true francophone ability. It has been his good fortune, and to the great benefit of his French, to have been able to spend considerable time in France in recent years.

 The move from enthusiastic U3A student of French under John Davies, Tony Coomb and Esther Mazel to teaching beginners’ French himself was by accident, not design. There was a vacancy and no one better-qualified volunteered to fill it. Enough students find it worth their while to attend his classes, and while this lasts he is happy to continue.

 So far, he seems to know more than they do, but he fears that one day, someone will ask a question that is altogether out of his range. That will be when he hands over! Meanwhile, he enjoys the new challenge of teaching French, and is in awe of the intelligence, friendliness and seriousness of U3A students.

French Breakthrough


Kay Bennets 2015
Current Film Club 2
Robert Boardman  

Walks in the Waite
Walks in the Waite September


Tom Burton

Tom's expertise is in Medieval English Language and Literature; the history of the English Language (with particular interests in semantic change and historical and regional pronunciation) and the technicalities of versification in traditional English poetry. Over the years, he has given one-off talks at various branches of U3A. These talks have included the history of the language, semantic change, medieval English literature and the dialect poems of William Barnes and of Alfred Tennyson.

English Poetic Metres


Helen Bulis  

Gallery Insights I, 11, 111

Valda Casucci

I was born in Australia of Italian parents and studied Italian in Perugia, Italy.  It was there I met my Italian husband and I lived in Italy for 18 months.  In Australia, I taught at St Mary's College for many years.

I cannot remember when I began my connection with U3A Adelaide but I think it was about 2004.  It was Paula Hennig that suggested I offer a course in Italian and the rest is history.

I love the Italian language; I love teaching and I love people.

Italian Continue to Wander

Lesley Clarke


Poetry Reading


Antonio Comin

Antonio Comin (born Cornuda, Italy, 9.10.1933) migrated with his family to Australia in 1936.

He is a graduate of the University of Sydney and the Università degli Studi di Firenze. He taught at the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne and the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) before joining Flinders University in 1970 as Professor of Italian, a post he retained until his retirement in 1996.

His main teaching and research areas have been Italian, Italian Dialectology, and Traditional Italian Culture. He has been and continues to be active in promoting Italian theatre as a performer, director and writer

The Singing Devil


Tony Coombe

Tertiary Academic Qualifications:-

Diplôme d’Etudes de Civilisation française- Sorbonne, Université de Paris, France
Honours Bachelor Degree in French language and Literature- University of Adelaide, SA
Doctorat d’Université- Université d’Aix-Marseille, France

Previous Teaching experience:-

Secondary school teaching to Year 12 at: Scotch College, Mitcham, SA; Adelaide High School; Sacred Heart College; Marbury School, Aldgate, SA.
Lecturer in French Massey University, NZ; Lecturer in French University of New England, NSW
Tutor in French at University of SA; Tutor at University of 3rd Age, Adelaide Inc. (10 years ).

French Pot Pourri


Dace Darzins
German Advanced Conversation
Trevor Dean  

French Introductory Conversation


Don Drake

I became a member of U3A Adelaide when Colin Lawton was forming it and immediately became a tutor. Initially, I formed a class in Current Affairs with Colin and after a period of time I took over the class on my own.

I went on to teach Physical Geography, concentrating on meteorology and geomorphology.

I have always been interested in Cinema, and in 1994, I began a class in Cinema Studies.  Thus class has been held ever since.

My actual teaching of Cinema Studies began in 1969, when I tried to interest my Leaving English class in watching good cinema instead of accepting the poor quality of the average film.  The library of the SA Film Corporation began collecting 16mm copies of film suitable for study, and these were made available.  I also organized film evenings for adults, and ran film making weekends at my school, with the help of others who came from Adelaide.

Although I have academic qualifications in English, I do not have any qualifications in Cinema Studies.  Such courses did not exist at University when I was a student.  However, there can be a close relationship between film and novels and I always emphasize this.  I am, however, self taught in the subject, and I have done much research, and I hope that I manage.

Cinema Studies
Two Classic French Films
(with Ken Prouse)


Colleen Eddie

Colleen is a private, practising psychologist who has lived and worked in UK and Canada and at the RAH as health educator.

She has had a long time involvement  with adult computer class learning and is interested in on line learning such as Coursera and MOOCS-Massive Open Online Courses.

Her interests include geology, computing and travel.

Everyday Psychology

Laurie Eddie

Laurie has a B.A. degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology and has also attained an Associate Diploma of Business and Training Development. A retired psychologist, Laurie is also a hypnotherapist and is Secretary of Skeptics (SA). 

Laurie's interests are many and varied and include:- Altered States of Consciousness, Alternative Medicine; Anomalous Experiences; Biblical Research, Bible Mythology; Divination, Fortune Telling; Folklore; Hauntings, Hypnosis; Meditation; Mystical Energies; Mythology; New Age; Numinous experiences;, Parapsychology; Primitive Magic; Psychic Powers; Psychology; Supernatural; Religions; UFO’s; Urban Myths; Witchcraft.

Open Discussion Group

Giuilo Eliseo  

Italian - Beginners
Italian - Beginners 2


Don Fenton
bulletAlways interested in nearly everything!
bulletLeft school at 15 years of age. Too busy reading to pay attention in class!
bulletGained Horticultural qualifications as a teenager.
bulletStudied Art (Oil painting) at the same time.
bulletWorked as itinerant labourer for many years, including ditch-digging, privately teaching music, landscape-gardening, folk-singing, cane cutting, teaching Horticulture in an Agricultural College, factory work of a variety of kinds, or whatever presented itself at the time.
bulletGained a B.A. from the University of Queensland with a double-major in Government (that’s Politics!), a major in History, a major in Classics and Ancient History, and some stray Economics.
bulletAchieved a B.A. Honours Degree in Politics from the University of Adelaide.
bulletAwarded an M.A. in Politics by the University of Adelaide.
bulletTaught 1st Year Politics and Political Philosophy [my specialty] at the Flinders University of South Australia.
bulletCame to U3A when I first heard about this new organization in 1987, at an Adelaide University function of some sort.
bulletBegan presenting courses for Adelaide U3A in 1988. The first course was Political Ideologies. I experimented with a variety of courses before eventually settling down to the present format, which has been current for some time.

In the Beginning
From the Bronze Age to Alexander

Barb Field  

Conflict and Aspects of War
Snapshots from the Past
(with Lesley Hawkins)


Peter Franklin  

Chinese Mandarin
(with Zheng De Han)


Nubia Gallego
Spanish Conversation

Jennifer Gardner
Walks in the Waite 1 & 2
Walks in the Waite - October / November


Michael Giglio

Italian Advanced

Sue Gilchrist 2015
Fascinating Figs
(with Jan Lindsay)

Pat Greet

Having travelled around France from an early age, my enthusiasm for the country led me to live and work there for 12 years -- Although no formal qualifications in the language, I also applied my French for more than 5 years whilst working in an International Organisation in The Netherlands. 

The city of romance played its role, as it was in Paris that I met my future husband from South Australia. 

The class is very informal and we chat about everything from current affairs, to areas in France, and of course – food and wine.  Aimed at inspiring everyone to participate and have the courage to speak, a reasonable command of the language is suggested.

French Let's Talk French

Jenny Gregson 2015
Drawing without Fear
John Griffiths 2015
Art and Mixed Media (with Leonie Pike)
Bridge (with Beatrice Howarth)
Come Fly with Me

Penelope Hackett-Jones

Penelope Hackett-Jones was encouraged to use a debased form of English while growing up in an Adelaide suburb:  "googy" for egg, "geegee" for horse, "bunny" for rabbit, etc. As a teenage act of rebellion against this frightful early experience, at the age of 14 she developed a passion for correct English, which still inflames her today, and which she soon carried over into other languages. She was able to learn Latin and French at school, and while pretending to do Maths homework taught herself Italian and Russian, using the Hugo's "Teach Yourself a Language in 3 Months" textbooks.

Her first paid employment was as a Greek-English translator for a subversive press-cutting agency in Athens, at the time of the military junta. Returning to Australia she qualified as a teacher, something slightly less dangerous, and taught French, Latin and Modern Greek for many years.

After retiring to raise a family, she joined U3A where she teaches Beginners' French, and is at present studying Arabic in private. Penelope believes in mandatory imprisonment for the incorrect use of English in public, particularly for the inaccurate placing of the apostrophe, and for the pretentious use of Italian in restaurant menus.

 French Beginners 1 & 2

Zheng De Han
Chinese Mandarin
(with Peter Franklin)
Joelie Hancock
Play Reading
Jan Harris
Pleasures of Reading

Kevin Harris  

Hidden Coastal Populations


Lesley Hawkins 2015
Snapshots from the Past
(with Barb Field)

Glen Heinrich

Born at Mount Barker, he spent his primary school years on King Island. He attended Findon and later Woodville High Schools, and after some years working went to Adelaide Teachers' College and Adelaide University. Educated in Economics and Teaching, he was seconded to the newly formed ADP Services Section of the Education Department to help develop the first computerised Teachers Payroll System.

A career in computing eventuated and included teaching at the Bendigo Institute of Technology; training with the Commonwealth Department of Health; software development with International Computers, and a longish career in a variety of roles in SA Health in it's various incarnations.

A major 'out of work interest' was and is the Australian Computer Society, where he has served the SA Branch for almost forty years, and was the longest running National Treasurer, and a member of the National Management Committee for twenty years.  He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of that Society.

He has conducted a discussion group "Let's Keep Talking" at U3A for five years, and regularly screens short seasons of documentary films. He also chairs “Help With Your Computer” which is usually held in each session.

A keen traveller, he has presented a number of one-off travel sessions, most recently "Trans Mongolian Railway", with "Christmas Markets in Europe" coming up this year.

His interests are many and varied and, apart from family, include travel, cinema, stocks and shares, computing, current affairs, and reading both fiction and non-fiction.

Glen was awarded the OAM (Order of Australia Medal) on Australia Day, 2013 for service to the information technology industry

American Secretaries' Documentaries
John Pilger Documentaries
Let's Keep Talking
Visiting Shanghai
Documentaries from Israel


Gwenda Helsham

Shakespeare in Performance
Bernard Shaw on Film


Keith Hempton

Keith was firstly a Modern Language Teacher (French and German at Sydney Grammar School) and then, for over 20 years, a professional singer.  He sang principal roles with the major opera companies in Australia, including Opera Australia and the State Opera Companies of South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. He sand with such conductors as Mark Elder, Carlo Felice Cillario, Myer Fredman and Barry Tuckwell. He was the bass with the Song Company (Australia's only professional classical vocal ensemble) from 1986 - 91.

From 1991 he was Lecturer in Charge of Wollongong Conservatorium and from 1995 until 2008 was Head of vocal Studies and Co-ordinator of the Honours Performance Programme at the Elder Conservatorium within the University of Adelaide.

Keith has taken early retirement with the intention of returning to performing both as a singer and a presenter.  He also hopes to have the opportunity to adjudicate, lecture and examine.  Over the years he has acquired a vast experience and knowledge of classical music (he is also a trained radio presenter) and would like to find the opportunity to make challenging use of his particular skills.

French Vive la France
The Romantic Soul
Classical Connections


Janine Hook  

Ayers House Visit

Beatrice Howarth

Beatrice Howarth is a graduate of Alexandria (Egypt) and Australian National Universities in Languages (Ancient Greek, French and English) and spent two years as a post graduate student at the University of New England doing research in Modern Greek literature. She is a fluent speaker of Greek, French, Italian and English. She has studied Arabic for many years and is fascinated by Asian and Arabic cultures. Her main career was as a Librarian at the Australian National University, London School of Economics and University of New England. In Adelaide she has worked for the Tertiary Education Authority, the Education Department of SA and the Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission. 

Since she retired she rekindled her love for Greek studies and did a course of Ancient Greek Philosophers at Adelaide University. 

It has been her good fortune, and to the great benefit of her fluency in languages to have been able to spend considerable time in England, France, Italy and Greece in recent years. 

The move from U3A student to teaching Modern Greek for Travellers was due to the encouragement of Margaret Clark and Sue Lea. There was a vacancy for somebody to teach Greek and no one better-qualified volunteered to fill it. Enough students find it worth their while to attend her classes, and while this lasts she is happy to continue. She believes that learning language opens the door to understanding the culture of a particular people and it can become a lifelong passion for travelling, music, food and ideas. 

She enjoys the new challenge of teaching Greek, and is encouraged by the enthusiasm, support, friendliness and seriousness of U3A students and staff.

(with John Griffiths)
Visiting Athens in 2014


Geoff Howe


Baptism by Fire
Cold War 1945 - 1975
The Real Danger UXB
The Real Enemy at the Door
The Thirties
Going West

Helen Howe

Film Noir - American
Ida Lupino 1 & 2
Screwball Comedies
Foreign Film Festival


Ken Johns

Freud and Jung

Philosophy Discussion Group 1 & 2 (with Lyn Arden)

Magrit Johnson

French Basics - Continuing
French - Continuing

Jeannie Klopper

The Art of Performance

Stefan Kreslin

I have been interested in PCs since the early 80’s with my first PC being a Dick Smith System 80. I worked in the Australian Public Service for over 30 years. Much of that time was spent in the corporate services area and to a larger or lesser extent there was always an IT aspect to that work.

During that time I developed expertise in a range of software packages including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, mapping software (Mapinfo) and graphics programs (Corel Draw and Paintshop Pro).

More recently, since my retirement, I have been running ACS’s TripleC Computer club.  The club’s aims are to promote computer literacy in the general community.  Sessions are held 3 times a week and cover a broad range of topics. The sessions are free and open to all comers. Visit our experimental Blog at http://triplecsa.fhost.com.au/Blog/ for more information.

Developing Android Skills
Thinking About an Android? 1 & 2

Sue Lea

I joined U3A over 10 years ago when I retired from a life as an English teacher and discovered that there are many other subject areas to interest me, in particular the byways of history.

I love the teaching role. To be allowed to research whatever is interesting me at the moment, to talk about it to interested adults and not to have any marking is a real boon. I also enjoy the other roles I take on – working in the office, helping with the program and attending many of the interesting lectures from other tutors.

Bath Time
Beethoven and His Symphonies 1 & 2
Spanish Habsburgs 1516 - 1700
Princes Behaving Badly


Jan Lindsay 2015
Fascinating Figs
(with Sue Gilchrist)
Ana Luthe  

Spanish Let's Speak Spanish


Michael Mathew

In his first life Michael was a mechanical engineer, lecturer, consultant and manager.  His major hobby was bookbinding, although more recently he has also taken up weaving and braiding. 

Michael and his wife, Beatrix, moved to Adelaide after he retired in 2000 and they promptly joined U3A.  Michael has tutored in Finance for Seniors and Bookbinding (history and practical sessions) and has given some talks on out of the way travel destinations, the History of Playing Cards, Waterfalls, etc.

Jointly with Beatrix has has tutored the card games May I? and Mah Jong.  He was active in the now defunct 'Computer Club' and arranged a series of talks on Public Utilities.  In the early 2000's, Michael was, for three years, the Treasurer for U3A Adelaide.

May I?



Mac Macdonald -Frederick R. M. (Mac) Macdonald 

I was born in NZ in 1936 and received my early education in Auckland before  travelling with my parents to the UK in early 1945. My secondary and tertiary education was in London at Westminster School and London University.  
I was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1960, and came to SA in 1961. 
I am a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia and have held pastorates at Warradale Park, Strathalbyn, Croydon/Kilkenny, Kent Town, Goodwood and Glenelg.

I first joined U3A, in 2001.  Previously I had done some lecturing with Adult Education, WEA and at Glenelg’s “College for Seniors”.

I am married to Margaret and we have two adult children.     
I  enjoy gardening, computing, listening to classical music, travel & study of the fine arts.
Current memberships include the Adelaide Society of Collectors, my local historical society & Probus.      
I am also a Telecross Volunteer for Red Cross. 

I have travelled extensively through Europe, NZ, Australia, South America and Russia and have a special love for Italy and the British Isles. 

An architect father instilled into me an interest in architecture and over the years I have developed my interest in music and the fine arts.

In the past I was a committee member and the second President of the SA Genealogy & Heraldry Society and also a volunteer with Meals on Wheels in the Norwood Kitchen.

Since retirement I have been involved in Interim Ministry at Thames, NZ and at Kent Town, Payneham Road & other churches.   At Illoura Homes, I ran a Conversation Club for residents Christian Meditation group.

An Old Chair and an Ancient Seat
Venice - La Serenissima


Maria Macdonald

Italian Discussion Tuesday
Italian Discussion Thursday


Lee Mason 2015
Adelaide Town Hall Tour

Pauline McCreery

Since retiring at the beginning of 2009 I have been busier than ever before.  I can devote more time to image based computing, to travel, to learning croquet, to learning French, to..........you name it!  I love theatre, reading, good food and wine and being a grandmother.  I became the webmaster for U3A Adelaide five years ago as well as serving on both the Programme and the General Committees, I continue with these commitments.  From March 2011 - March 2013 I was President of U3A Adelaide. I am now the delegate for U3A Adelaide at U3A South Australia, the peak body for U3A in South Australia. I am also webmaster for U3A South Australia and serve on some of their committees. It is wonderful to be able to continue with my love of both learning and teaching.


Margaret Milford  


Trish Moore 2015
Mah Jong

Sharon Mosler

Dr. Sharon Mosler has tutored in Australian migrant history, among other history subjects, at the University of Adelaide from 2006 - 2012.

Europe 1900 - 1950

Leonie Pike

Art and Mixed Media
(with John Griffiths)

Lyn Porter  

Circle Dancing for Fun


Ken Prouse

French and the French Level 1
French and the French Level 2
Two Classic French Films
(with Don Drake)

Juli Pullman
Microsoft Windows 7

Bob Rabbitt

For the Record
(with Adriaan van der Wyst)

Anne Rees 2015
Recorder Group

Philip Reuter

I have been a keen student of languages since I was a child. I still have an exercise book in which from the age of about eight I recorded foreign language words that I learnt from neighbours, friends and family! I studied French and Latin through to Matric at Norwood High School and then completed an Honours degree in French and Spanish at Flinders Uni. Course work included units in Portuguese and linguistics. I subsequently spent 35 years teaching French and Spanish in various Adelaide secondary schools. I spent my last 8 years as Assistant Principal at the School of Languages.  During my teaching career I had the opportunity to spend a year teaching English in both France and Spain and have since returned many times to those countries. In the 80s I studied Italian for two years at TAFE followed by a six week course in Florence. Over recent years I have tackled German at U3A.

Give Me Grammar!


Evelyn Robertson
Current Film Club
Elsa Rozanés  

French Continuing Conversation
Spanish Continuing Conversation

Diarshul Sandhu  

A Trip to the Bottle Shop
(with Rose Mawby)
Plants in Greek and Roman Myth (with Gillian Simons)


Barbara Santich  

Food, Culture, History


Irene Schmidt
German Let's Talk German

Waltraud Schmidt

Before moving from Germany to Adelaide in 1992, I taught German, English and Geography at the German-French High School in Freiburg.
While living in the USA for a few years in the early eighties, I had the opportunity to learn how to make pottery. By now I have managed to make all my own crockery (and quite a lot of my friends).

In 1995 I joined the WEA and taught German from ‘Beginners’ to ‘Advanced Conversation’ until 2010.  In 2013 I started to teach ‘German for Beginners’ at U3A.

I have also been a tour guide at the South Australian Museum for the past 20 years.

German II

Renate Shanahan

I was born in Germany and lived there during my school years, came to Australia in 1957 and got married to an Australian in 1958.
After spending some years building a house and having a family, I entered the Sturt Teachers College, later incorporated into Flinders University, as a mature age student and trained to become a teacher of German and  Religious Education, while working part time as an emergency teacher.

Having achieved my B.Ed., I taught in several high schools at all levels for a total of 22 years. After my retirement I spent my time catching up on my hobbies, quilting, singing in a choir, practicing Yoga, walking in a group and also with my dog. One day, one of my walking friends, who was attending courses in the U3A asked, whether I was willing to tutor  Advanced German there, since the present tutor was ill. I said yes - this was in 2005, and I am still here.

My aim in teaching German here is to make this subject interesting and fun at the same time.

German Middle & Advanced

Sharon 2015
Adelaide Magistrates Court Visit
Gillian Simons  

A Trip to the Bottle Shop
(with Rose Mawby)
Plants in Greek and Roman Myth (with Diarshul Sandhu)


Valerie Sitters

Valerie has immersed herself in the literature of the polar regions for over 40 years and delighted in sharing that love with innumerable groups.
She has given talks about Antarctica to historical societies, the ANARE Club and the Australian Meteorological Association and RIAus most recently. She
was formerly employed at the State Library of SA and in the Royal Geographical Society of SA Library.

Exploring the North

Surveying the Land

John Slaytor  

Spanish Language and Culture


David Smith  

Exploring Wine


Julianne Sweeney

Shakespeare Play Reading

Anne Taylor

I attended my first calligraphy course in 2000, with the intention of improving my handwriting.  I didn't know anything about calligraphy then but quickly discovered a love for this historic craft.  Since that simple beginning I have developed a love for creating words on paper and the many 'Calligraphic Hands' from European history which we can learn.  Through attending workshops given by Australian and International Calligraphers, and enrolling in the UK's Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society, I have continuously worked on my craft and achieved the Intermediate level of CLAS UK Calligraphy Diploma in 2013, the formal requirement to become a calligraphy tutor with CLAS in the UK.

Calligraphy - Beautiful Italic

Gail Umehara
Japanese Conversation


Adriaan van der Wyst

Adriaan is currently the Program Coordinator, and also takes the “For the Record” class with his co-presenter, Bob Rabbitt.  He also presents occasional lectures on topics in the science field.

Adriaan taught maths and science in SA secondary schools for eight years before working in the Education Department in Research and Planning and in Personnel for thirty years.  His main interests are music, philosophy, history, religion and bushwalking and golf. 

For the Record
(with Bob Rabbitt)

Laure Vincent-Allard

As a free-lance consultant and lecturer, Laure has combined her wide-ranging knowledge of European Art History (24 years as a conference-guide in French Historic sites and for private companies and 15 years as an Art History teacher) with her 18-year domestic and international experience as a trainers’ supervisor and team leader.

She has a Bachelor degree in Art history and Archaeology with honours, and various diplomas and certificates in guiding/lecturing and in management. She has provided lectures, conferences, led workshops and training in both European Art and Team Leadership (from stress management to training improvement, just to name a few). She specialises in expanding creativity, challenging intellectual and emotional perspective and building self-confidence with humour and kindness.

Laura's website:- www.thewittyscope.weebly.com

French Conversations in French


Steve Walsh 2015
Science-Fiction Film and Literature
(with Paul Kruger)
Science Fiction Cinema
Ann Warner
French Intermediate 1
French Intermediate 2
Michele Warren
Tai Chi / Qigong 1
Tai Chi / Qigong 2

Emma Wight 2015
Keys to Music 1 & 2
Mozart @ Elder 1, 2 & 3

Athena Zaknic

Since my retirement, I have enjoyed immensely being a member of U3A.  I find the language classes stimulating and enjoyable.  My literary interests also take to me the poetry group, play reading and, as a member of the creative writing group, I like to write both poetry and prose.

With a professional scientific and musical background, my new interests are something I have always wanted to do.  I find the mental gymnastics of philosophy challenging and, with Lyn Arden, we have an enthusiastic group of friends in the philosophy class.

Philosophy Discussion Group 1 & 2
(with Lyn Arden)
Monday Film Club